Brief: ‘Develop a new breakfast range for an “expressive” consumer type.’ 


Our small kitchen appliance range embodies our research defined ‘Refined Rustic’ trend, with influence from Kenwood’s core brand values. The rustic feel will appeal to the 'Expression' mindset by personifying an imperfect, energetic and off the wall aesthetic. Both products include pressed metal sections and exposed rivets teamed with sandblasted aluminium. Emphasising the industrial raw production whilst still maintaining a domestic aesthetic.

Completed as a project with Aidan Caldwell for Kenwood (during study at the University of Huddersfield) // 2015


Process elements-01.png
Process elements-02.png


This project featured on a 'Univerity of Huddersfield' recruitment poster for their Product Design degree.

University of Huddersfield Poster - James Garrad and Aidan Caldwell outlined.jpg