Brief: 'As accurately as possible model the Poker 2 keyboard and sell the model online'


The renders below showcase the 3D model of the 'Poker II' keyboard which was modelled from the physical product and NOT from any reference images what-so-ever. It was particularly difficult because to model due to its tilted key design, known as an OEM profile - meaning that every row of keys is different from the next.  I choose this project to develop modelling accuracy. Fonts were also matched from the manufacture's spec.

You can buy this model from:

Completed as a self motivated project // 2015


The Poker 2 is one of the most popular mechanical keyboards on the market especially in its size category. It features a 60% layout, backlighting, anti-ghosting and a whole layer of programable keys for macro's. In this case the switches are Cherry MX Brown's, which have a 50 million operation life span and a tactile bump when operated.