Medical Extraction Aid provides a new solution for elderly people who may find it difficult to access their medicine - both bottled and blister-packaged. Exaggerated handle proportions allow the device to be grasped and operated with limited hand strength or mobility. It features a large poper to be used on blister packaging, and a twist-cap grip to help access bottled medicine.

Project by Aidan Caldwell, James Garrad, Josh Martland and Jack Writer. Video produced by myself.

Brief: "A tool to assist the elderly"

Completed as a project for the University of Huddersfield // 2014

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While child-proof bottles have become an accepted part of medical packaging, it can also pose a problem to those who do not have the dexterity to push and turn at the same time. The same concern is extended to capsule pills that require some force to release them from the foil backing. This is troubling as it may stop people most in need of medicines either being able to take them, or taking them consistently as per their doctor’s instructions, purely due to packaging.
— -Age UK


Primary Research

Conducted at Sundale House with written permission from all participants, we conducted; 


-Structured Interviews 

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