With the 'Atlas Clip-in Overshoe' commuter cyclists can now reap the many benefits of clipless cycling pedals without having to carry another pair of shoes, or subsequent bags. Rather than changing in and out of their cycling shoes cyclists can wear the 'Atlas Clip-in Overshoe' on top of their existing shoes, allowing them to clip onto the pedals whilst also protecting their shoes. Once their journey is complete the overshoes collapse down and magnetise together, making them very portable in their supplied pouch.

Ultimately this increased convenience is another small step in reducing the barriers to cycling and increasing participation - in the hope to reduce pollution and road congestion.

Brief: ‘Final Major Project' (Self-motivated brief)

Completed as a project for the University of Huddersfield // 2017

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Project Report

This report acts as an extensive technical overview of the 'Atlas Clip-in Overshoe', as well as covering manufacturing strategy and procedures, market understand and integration, suppliers and costing and end of life strategy.