Brief: ‘Develop a new internal desk for the upcoming 'Design Centre'. It will facilitate meetings with clients and should represent Ellis' updated values and branding.’


The updated meeting desk provides comfortable, spacious seating for up to 10 people whilst maintaining a contemporary aesthetic that showcases the boundary-pushing nature of Ellis Furniture. It incorporates hidden cable routing, tabletop power and data outlets with a sleek undercut edge. 

Completed as a project for Ellis Furniture // 2016



The larger radius curves that make up the four sides of the table were particularly important to give the table its contemporary aesthetic whilst still personifying a collaborative, inward facing, meeting space.


Utilising crossed 'slotted' panels is the foundation of the design, not only adding much needed strength, but also increasing the area of the top which is supported. This was key for such a large table, and was one of the main reasons for producing a prototype before final manufacture.


Prototype 1

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