Brief ‘Design an innovative product, primarily from plastic for the 'Design Innovation Plastics' competition’ 

A problem was identified within the PC building space when deciding on parts for a 'build'. There are vast amounts of complex internal components that vary significantly in terms of compatibility, meaning its not always clear whats parts will work in what cases. In addition the off-the-shelf pc cases on the market today are not always suitable to consumers intended builds, resulting in them having to compromise on either parts or find the nearest best thing to accommodate their intended components. This situation results in pc cases been designed for versatility rather than suitability, which has a limiting knock on efffect on aesthetic variance and choice.

'Bespoke 3D Printed Caes' is a product and service which takes advantage of contemporary 3D printing technologies and the rise of parametric design to produce one-off computer cases that are tailored to the needs of PC builders. The service will allow the consumer to select their desired internal components for the software to warp the case design to accommodate their particular 'build'. Sliders and other modifiers (see slides below) are used to manipulate the design to the consumer's preference. In addition a unique aesthetic can be generated from 3D printing, which would contrast heavily with the current PC case market. 

Completed as a project for the University of Huddersfield - submitted to Design Innovation Plastics Competition // 2015


DIP Images28.png
DIP Images29.png
DIP Images32.png


What new possibilities are now available with this change in manufacturing method?

DIP Images33.png
DIP Images35.png


Compact internal component layouts which the software could use as a base for design

DIP Images36.png
DIP Images37.png
DIP Images42.png
DIP Images46.png
DIP Images44.png
DIP Images49.png
DIP Images52.png
An example of what the service could generate to be printed. 

An example of what the service could generate to be printed.